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What is an IEP?

What is an IEP?

When a child has a learning disability, schools should take every possible step to make sure that child is getting the services they need to find success in their education. Many children with disabilities who are not receiving the appropriate services to assist them tend to find school difficult and frustrating. New Jersey offers an Individual Education Program, or an IEP, to help students succeed in every aspect of their schooling. IEP’s are created by a group of professionals that work in the school district to find a plan that will help the child get the most out of their education. Some of these professionals can include the student’s teachers, school psychologists or other mental health professionals, and school administrators who are familiar with the child’s needs.

When a parent feels as though their child is not receiving the services they require to receive a successful education, they should not be taken advantage of by the school district. Schools are similar to insurance companies in that they want to do what they can to save money wherever they can, and sometimes, that means they will not give your child the services they need. The neglect of a school can have a serious impact on your child’s entire life going forward. Parents should be able to rely on schools to give their child everything they need, but unfortunately they cannot. Some of these services can include speech services, additional time to take tests, an aid, and more. If your child has either a physical or mental disability and does not have an IEP, you may have to take action. Don’t wait years and let your child fall behind in their education.

If the school is not providing your child with the services they need to accommodate their disabilities, you may want to consult with an experienced education attorney who can fight for your child’s education.

Debra F. Schneider, Esq. is an experienced education law attorney serving Hackensack, Bergen County, and all of New Jersey clients with quality legal services. If you need our help, contact our Hackensack firm for a consultation.  

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