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Domestic Violence

Hackensack Domestic Violence Attorney

Mature Couple Having Arguement At HomeProtecting NJ families faced with domestic violence

Domestic violence continues to be a major problem in our country. Close personal relationships have the potential for heated arguments and, unfortunately, violence. Domestic violence is a serious situation that affects families from all walks of life. Fortunately, there are several New Jersey laws in place that offer victims of domestic violence the mechanism to protect themselves and hold the other party accountable while they heal and look towards the future. Debra F. Schneider Esq. has been a legal resource for victims of domestic violence for many years. Our firm is ready to guide you through your legal options and help you take the proper steps to secure a better future. Especially if there are children involved, it is important to stop the violence and move forward towards a better situation. If you need an experienced and skilled attorney with years of experience fighting for victims of domestic violence, contact Debra F. Schneider, Esq.

Restraining orders

The New Jersey Prevention of Domestic Violence Act was enacted in 1991 to address the growing and continuing problem of abuse and violence in relationships. Through civil and criminal relief, you can protect yourself against the abuse and violence from someone you should be able to trust. In order to protect yourself, you should contact the family court or your local police department to acquire a restraining order. A restraining order is an effective tool that limits the proximity and contact people can have with each other. In other words, a restraining order helps the victim get distance from the violent party while they focus on their legal options. A restraining order can be issued based on several instances of violence, including assault, harassment, and terroristic threats. New Jersey will rarely refuse the issuance of a restraining order. Utilizing a philosophy of “better safe than sorry”, New Jersey will issue a temporary restraining order for almost anyone who requests one. The court will quickly hear the case and decide if the situation calls for a permanent restraining order. Once a temporary or permanent restraining order is in effect, there is no mediation or counseling available to relieve the situation.

Criminal charges

While a victim of domestic violence is protected under the terms of a restraining order, they can focus on their legal options. Domestic violence victims have the option to file criminal charges in order to hold the violent offender accountable for their illegal activity. This is done so through a Criminal Complaint filed where the victim resides, where the violent party resides, where the incident occurred, or where the victim is being sheltered.

Contact a Bergen County law firm to fight against domestic violence

We understand that when people go through a tough period in their lives, they need a champion to fight for their interests. If you are subject to violence or abuse, you should contact the authorities. Your next step should be to contact Debra F. Schneider, Esq. With years of experience, the firm has passionately advocated for those who face violence in the home and need help transitioning to a better life. Debra F. Schneider, Esq. will work tirelessly to hold the other party accountable and help you take the legal steps towards a safe future. If you need effective legal services, contact Debra F. Schneider, Esq.

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