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Hackensack Post-Judgment Modification Attorney

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At the conclusion of a divorce, a judge will draft a Final Judgement of Divorce addressing all outstanding relevant matters, including division of assets, child custody, child support, and alimony. In addition, the order will dictate the consequences if the direction of the court is not followed. Obviously, courts cannot reasonably see into the future or take into consideration the possibility of a change of circumstances. If circumstances change, a court is open to modifying the order. If you are requesting a modification, you need to establish an ongoing, continuing, and unforeseen change in circumstances that meet the legal standard of the court. If you need quality legal services, contact Debra F. Schneider Esq. Debra F. Schneider has years of experience working with clients who need to convince the court that the request for modification is valid.

What factors can be modified?

If you need a modification because of changing circumstances, you should act quickly. Courts are open to hearing cases of modifications based on a variety of factors, including a loss of a job, a recent illness, family relocation, or a change in living arrangements, just to name a few. Debra F. Schneider, Esq. has successfully handled numerous modification cases for clients, including:

Why would I need a post-judgment modification?

Before New Jersey will allow for a modification, you must establish a significant, unforeseen, and continuing change in the situation. In cases related to child support, you might request a modification based on a loss of job or change in the custody arrangement. Spousal support may be modified because of a change in financials, a decline in health, or a change in living situation. Child custody may be modified because of a change in a work schedule, relocation, medical issues, and many other factors that would affect the life of a child. Modifications for relocation can be requested based on what serves the child’s best interests, including academics, familial relationships, social life, and more.

Contact a Hackensack law firm with experience and skill

If you believe that you need to request a post-judgment modification, you need a law firm with experience and skill to satisfy the court’s standards. Debra F. Schneider, Esq. is ready to assess your case, guide you through your options, and passionately advocate on your behalf in a New Jersey court. Obviously, things change and a court is open to hearing cases for modifications. In order to satisfy the court, you need an attorney that has successfully handled numerous post-judgment modifications. Our firm will work tirelessly to see that your legal situation concludes in the best way possible. If you need quality legal services, contact Debra F. Schneider, Esq.

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