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What is Collaborative Divorce?

Hackensack Collaborative Divorce Attorney

Copy of mediation-decisionsGuiding Bergen County clients through the process of collaborative divorce

When a couple wants to end their marriage quickly, they may work through their unresolved issues through the process of collaborative divorce. Collaborative divorce and divorce mediation are similar in their goals. If you are ready to move on quickly and as cost-efficiently as possible, one of those options might be right for you. In order to decide what is best, it is in your best interests to educate yourself on collaborative law. Collaborative law is a great way to avoid litigation and the ensuing costs. If you are in need of legal advice related to collaborative law or need representation during the collaborative law process, contact Debra F. Schneider, Esq.  

What is collaborative divorce?

Collaborative law is a process in which a couple is represented by separate counsel in order to agree on terms related to the dissolving marriage. Collaborative law saves money and time for participants who want a quick and somewhat painless divorce. Each party will retain counsel for the process. At the beginning, the attorneys will explain to their clients what should be expected and what will happen during the proceedings. The attorneys are not allowed to push their clients towards litigation. If a party threatens litigation, the attorneys should withdraw their services. The goal is to come to an agreement as quickly as possible. Instead of lawyers sending each other letters, everyone joins the 4-way meeting and issues related to the marriage are addressed efficiently. These issues will normally include alimony, division of assets, child support, and child custody. There are two styles of collaborative law; lawyers-only and interdisciplinary. The lawyers-only model allows just attorneys and clients to participate. The interdisciplinary model allows for other professionals to join the collaborative team, including divorce coaches, child specialists, and financial specialists. Once the negotiation is over, the attorneys will draft the agreement and file it with the court that has jurisdiction. As with any divorce matter, the court has the last word on the matter. Especially legal issues related to children, a court will always act in the best interests of the child, scrutinizing every word of the agreement related to their support or custody arrangements.

Contact a Bergen County firm with collaborative law experience

Debra F. Schneider, Esq. has years of experience with family law issues. Our firm has an established mediation practice as well as countless hours working with clients and other representation through collaborative divorces. When attorneys can negotiate the important issues with your best interests in mind, the end result is easier to bear. If you are interested in the process of collaborative law, contact our firm. If you need legal representation through the collaborative law process, our attorneys are ready to serve your needs, collaborate on the separation agreement, and file it with the court. Our compassionate firm is ready to ease you through tough times to a better situation. Contact Debra F. Schneider, Esq. today.

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