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Fathers Rights

Hackensack Father’s Rights Attorney

Portrait Of Man Standing Outside In Autumn LandscapeProtecting the rights of New Jersey fathers faced with custody issues

When it comes to child custody court cases, fathers have always been at a disadvantage. Historically, courts have favored the mother when deciding on who deserves physical custody. Unfortunately, only around 17% of parents with physical and legal custody of a child are men. This extreme discrepancy is a valid picture of the way our justice system values the paternal relationship. Courts are supposed to be gender blind and decide on cases with the thought that having a strong paternal bond is in the best interests of the child. Courts are supposed to hear cases without bias and in the best interests of the child. Fathers deserve an equal stance in custody hearings. If you are a father who believes that you rights have been violated or a court is acting on a bias in favor the mother, contact Debra F. Schneider, Esq. Our firm is ready to fight for your rights and secure the positive familial relationship you have established.

Residential and legal custody

When a couple goes to court over custody, New Jersey is supposed to pass judgment free of bias. Courts have historically preferred to leave the child with the mother. This injustice stems back to an outdated legal principle called the Tender Years Doctrine, stating that children should stay with their mothers. The roles of fathers and mothers have changed drastically since the late 19th century and some courts have yet to catch up.

If a father is going to lose residential custody because of a biased judge, they should fight for legal custody. Residential custody is with whom the child lives most of the time. Legal custody is much more important. It allows for the parent to make important legal decisions for a child related to things like religion, academics, and medical care. If a father loses both, they could see a relationship diminished to something that more resembles a distant uncle. New Jersey courts have an obligation to act in the best interests of the child. Sometimes, they miss the mark and you will need a quality lawyer to fight for your rights.

Contact a Bergen County law firm to fight for your rights as a father

Debra F. Schneider, Esq. fights for the rights of fathers facing contested child custody cases. Our firm is ready to fight for fathers who believe they should have equal footing in the courts of New Jersey. Times have changed and fathers should be considered equal in child custody cases. If you are a father and believe that you are being judged unjustly in your child custody case, you should contact Debra F. Schneider, Esq. to protect your family, your rights, and your interests.

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