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What Differs Your Hackensack Firm From Other Attorneys?

What sets me apart from other firms is the attention I pay to every client and their file.   I take the time to explain the law and the different options a client has so that they can make an informed decision with my assistance.   I […]

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How Will My Lawyer Determine the Retainer Fee?

The retainer fee will be determined by your attorney and will be based on the anticipated number of hours your attorney expects to put into your case.   The more complicated a case, the higher the retainer agreement.

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Do You Offer Free Consultations at Your Law Firm?

I offer a free consultation so that the prospective client can have a chance to meet me and I can meet them.   I explain what happens once you file for divorce and explain the law that pertains to their individual issues.

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Are Parents Obligated to Pay for a Child’s College Expenses?

The parents often agree in writing in their Marital Settlement Agreement to contribute to the cost of tuition, room and board, and fees at college.   However, if the child is not already in college or applying to college, their actual dollar or percentage contribution cannot be […]

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