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Early Settlement Panel

The Early Settlement Panel is a form of mediation that the parties are required to participate in if they cannot resolve the economic issues of their divorce.   The Panel is composed of 3 attorneys who review the statements and hear the argument of counsel to the […]

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What Differs Your Hackensack Firm From Other Attorneys?

What sets me apart from other firms is the attention I pay to every client and their file.   I take the time to explain the law and the different options a client has so that they can make an informed decision with my assistance.   I […]

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Who Decides Matters in Mediation or Collaborative Divorce?

The judge only decides the issues of a divorce in a trial if you and your spouse cannot agree on the custody and parenting time issues and economic issues.   The parties sign a Marital Settlement Agreement if they can agree on all of the issues.   […]

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Do You Offer Free Consultations at Your Law Firm?

I offer a free consultation so that the prospective client can have a chance to meet me and I can meet them.   I explain what happens once you file for divorce and explain the law that pertains to their individual issues.

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