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When Can I Stop Paying Child Support?

You can stop paying support in New Jersey when a court determines that a child is no longer dependent on their parents for support.   The spouse who is paying the support must apply to a court for this determination because NJ law does not say that […]

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What is the Difference Between Sole and Joint Custody?

The difference between sole and joint custody is that when sole custody is awarded to a party, that party has the primary residential custody and the authority to make the major decisions affecting the health, education, and welfare of the child.   Joint custody can refer either […]

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What Differs Your Hackensack Firm From Other Attorneys?

What sets me apart from other firms is the attention I pay to every client and their file.   I take the time to explain the law and the different options a client has so that they can make an informed decision with my assistance.   I […]

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What Can I do if My Former Spouse Violates the Bergen County NJ Parenting Agreement?

If your former spouse violates the Parenting Agreement, you can seek relief from the court to enforce litigant’s rights.   You can ask that the court require the parties to go to a mediator to resolve their differences.   If you think you former spouse is trying […]

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How is Child Support Determined?

Child Support is determined using the Child Support Guidelines.   The amount of child support cannot differ from the amount set in the Guidelines unless there is good cause.   The Guidelines apply to children who are 17 or younger and to couples who are a combined […]

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