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Is it Possible to Switch Judges During My Divorce Case?

It is not possible to switch judges once a judge has been assigned to your case Unless you can show that the judge has a conflict of interest and, therefore, cannot impartially decide your case.  This is rare.

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Will I Have to go to Court to Obtain a Divorce?

You must go to court for the divorce because only a judge can grant the divorce.   However, if you resolve all of the other issues with your spouse in a Marital Settlement Agreement, the judge does not have to approve or disapprove of the Marital Settlement […]

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When Can I Stop Paying Child Support?

You can stop paying support in New Jersey when a court determines that a child is no longer dependent on their parents for support.   The spouse who is paying the support must apply to a court for this determination because NJ law does not say that […]

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International Relocation

A spouse or former spouse cannot take a child out of the United States without the written consent of the other party if their intention is to move out of the US with the child.   If that spouse will not give their written consent, the spouse […]

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What Should I Know About Final Restraining Orders?

Some of the important factors in obtaining a Final Restraining Order include the occurrence of one or more of 14 criminal offenses upon a person who is protected under the Prevention of Domestic Violence Law.   These criminal offenses include harassment, homicide, stalking, assault, terroristic threats and […]

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